Our lovely paradise offers many extras. This list wiil give you a glimpse. Visit us to enjoy them fully.

El Yunque Beach
Caribe Playa offers hundreds of yards of beachfront to walk, enjoy, bathe, baske under the sun and just plain enjoying. The natural rythmitic sound of the waves will soothe you to sleep every single night. Here is just one picture example of part of the westernmost side of our beach.
Swimming Pools
We feature one (1) adult and one (1) kiddies free-style swimming pools. They are immaculately kept sparkling clean and chemically balanced for a warm enjoyable experience year round. Palm trees, gardens surrounded and next to the sea, our pool experience is exhuberant.
A natural pond is formed by reefs right in front of our main building which provides a safe bathing area (nowhere to be found in the area). Various species of multi-colored and brilliant fish, octopus, lobsters, etc. fill our pond and natural reef coves for a nice snorkeling experience (weather permitting). Bring your own gear and enjoy the live coral reef right in front of our central building.

Seven (7) surfing beaches within minutes drive, including one right in our premises. Bring your surfing or boogie gear for some wave riding (waves permitting) or simply watch the locals (and non-locals) do all sorts of water acrobatics.

Our masseux are practicing Licensed Physical Therapists, with additional degrees in Raiki and Craniosacral Therapy and even Body Esthetics. Their passion is the massage on the beachfront massage room or even in your own room. Schedule one for the ultimate relaxing experience.
Scenic Views
From your room, the restaurant, the pool, the walkways, the shore, all the views are enchanting. See our Photo Gallery for more images...
All throughout the Hotel our more than twenty (20) gardens are full of tropical plants and flowers for exotic beauty and enjoyment. You will find from magnolias that will greet you as you arrive up to the exotic heliconias and many others (seasonal).
Starry/Moonie nights
Right from the beach or your room you'll enjoy star filled nights (impossible to count) (of course, cloud permitting). When the moon is out, its glare on the sea will follow you wherever you go. If you are planning on proposing or romanticism, schedule a nice moon night. You'll never forget it.
Gay/lesbian friendly.
Patio Tables with chairs
At poolside and beachfront patio/garden for your enjoyment. Plus many other places to sit and enjoy.

Exhilarating Sunrise
The best on the island. See the sun rise right from the sea in an ever-changing array of colors (weather permitting)

Breathtaking Dawns
As the night sets in our beach, it turns into the most romantic, relaxing and beautiful experience

Bring your own shore fishing gear and catch your own dinner. Deep sea and trolleying fishing excursions can be arranged for our guests.

2 Free Parking Areas. Two (2) free self-parking areas provide space to stow you car

Is availabe free of charge 24/7 (ISP depending) at the the entire property, rooms, beach and gardens.

Bar/Juices/Frappe/Daiquiri/Tropical Smoothies and Daiquiri Factory
Open daily from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm.

A top priority for us. Beach is combed daily. All occupied rooms are cleaned daily. Pool and all other facilities are cleaned daily, 365 days a year

Beach Combing
Go sea shell hunting or simply take a stroll down the beach and admire the myriad of size and shapes of sea/beach creatures, coral, sea glass, sea rocks, grab a coconut and more.

Lucky Strikes

On a lucky day you might get to see:

They drop by like every other week, sometimes with a baby manatee with them. Some of our guests have even gone swimming with them.

During nesting season you can see the huge turtles laying their eggs and wandering undisturbed through the Hotel. During hatching season you can see hundreds of little turtles all over the Hotel. And maybe you can even help us get them to sea safely. Note: Where turtles hatch is where they will return to nest.

Luckily once in a few years you'll see them crossing by right in front of the Hotel. A lifetime experience.

You can get to see all sorts of other stuff like night snorkeling fisherman with underwater lights, little crabs running all over, live sea shells crawling on the sand, biplanes or Coast Guard helicopters flying close by, big tankers, yatchs or sailboats passing by and many others.