Patillas...The Perfect Playground
by Missi Davis <>

Patillas is an area of Puerto Rico that is second to none. With miles of pristine coast line, rolling sandy beaches, sunny climates and an ocean just waiting to be discovered. It really is the destination of dreams. However, this is not all that this magical playground has to offer, there is much more just waiting to be discovered if you look a little further.

Sporting Activities

With such beautiful and extensive coastline to boost of inevitably comes plenty of water sports. Many visitors come to Puerto Rico in search of waves and they are never disappointed! Good surf and perfect weather conditions mean that both surfing and kite surfing are extremely popular options in Patillas. For those of you preferring a more relaxing day a visit to the highly acclaimed golf course in nearby Guayama may provide the perfect way to re-charge your batteries.

Exploring the Ocean

If you're keen to venture out further from the coast, taking boat trip from the island allows you to view the beauty of the coastline from a different aspect. Arranging a boat trip to skip from cove to cove is easily done, just ensure you’re back by sunset to indulge in the local delicacies on offer at the numerous restaurants the island has to offer. For the more adventurous among you, a trip further afield maybe in order. Puerto Rico as an island now boasts fantastic infrastructure allowing it to welcome visitors from around the globe. However, Puerto Rico is only one of a collection of magnificent islands dotted along the coastline of South America. One of the best ways to fully appreciate the splendour of this area from the ocean is to embark on a South American cruise taking in other neighboring islands. This area of the world is fortunate enough to benefit from an inviting sunny climate, exotic scenery and an enchanting range of diversity across each of the islands, ranging from nature reserves and remote hideaways to bustling cities. In order to take in all of these aspects and a variety of different islands, a cruise is often the best way and offers a great way to experience a little bit of everything!

Back to Basics - The Natural Beauty

Patillas and the surrounding areas have so much to offer in terms of areas of outstanding natural beauty and this extends much further inland than just the coastline. Take a trip to the Aguirre Forest Reserve situated in Guayama and learn about the many intricacies of this natural wonderland for yourself. Alternatively, if you enjoy a challenge then a walk through the Carite Forest is a must. Your efforts will be well rewarded with stunning scenery throughout the forest and a breath taking waterfall which measures over 20 foot, cascading down into a gorgeous deep blue plunge pool. Measuring thirty to forty feet across and about fifteen feet deep, this plunge pool is an ever enticing natural swimming pool for young and old alike.

Local Delicacies

Puerto Rico is well renowned for its “lechoneras” or pig on a spit local eateries and none more so than the typical road side restaurants that stretch along the panoramic road from Humacao to Guayama. To truly experience these delicious delicacies and renowned eateries at their best, it is advisable to arrive with an empty stomach and sample as many of the local dishes such as mofongo, tostones or chicharrones as you can manage in one sitting. Many of these local restaurants also have live music and entertainment on weekends so make sure you arrive early to bag the best seat in the house!

An Island Steeped in history

Visiting the island of Puerto Rico is not just about basking in the warm sunshine (tempting as it is) but there is also an island is full of history just waiting to be discovered. Ponce is the oldest area of the City and one which is teeming with history. This area is home to the Museo de la Arquitectura Ponceña (Museum of Ponce Architecture) and the Nuestra Señora de la Guadalupe Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe) to name but a few. Scheduling a visit to these important historic sites to understand how the City has evolved is an absolute must.

Whatever you decide to pack into your Puerto Rican adventure, one thing is certain you will leave wanting to come back for more as this magical island never fails to enchant.

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